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HTE in NC (May 2015)

July 9, 2015

The "Here. There. Everywhere." exhibit was a huge success for Wake County Public Libraries. At East Regional Library over 14,000 visitors passed through the library doors and had the opportunity to view the exhibit panels, utilize the hands on activities and take the literature provided. Many related programs for adults and children at a total of six regional libraries were also offered throughout Wake County NC. During the adult series entitled “Discover Astronomy,” over 80 adults gathered to hear lectures from our partners - the Raleigh Astronomy Club and NASA's Solar System Ambassadors Program. Youth Librarians planned and presented numerous science related programs at the same six locations where 813 students explored, created, discovered and read about science using the tools provided on the exhibit's website.

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Baxter County Hosted the Here, There and Everywhere Exhibit

April 7, 2015

The Donald W. Reynolds Library serving Baxter County hosted the Here, There and Everywhere Exhibit from March 1st- March 31st.

Opening Day of Here There and Everywhere

Number of patrons to visit: 700

The HTE exhibit came to life with demonstrations of shadows, wind, electric discharge, bow waves, lensing, and the collisional excitation of atoms. These demonstrations were assisted by the Library Volunteer Corps. Community partners helped to tout the special exhibit with their hands-on information booths. These Included the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ozark Rock & Mineral Club, and Arkansas State University.

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At the New Children's Museum

November 3, 2014

The Here, There and Everywhere exhibition was on display at The New Children’s Museum in West Hartford, Connecticut from October 4-26, 2014. The graphic panels were set up in the Museum’s Main Lobby, in a hallway near Critter Crossing (toddler space), in the Traveler’s Science Dome/Gengras Planetarium Lobby and in the Engineering Discovery Zone. According to our attendance records, 1,634 people visited the New Children’s Museum during the exhibition.

The Here, There and Everywhere exhibition trailer was played on a monitor in the Main Lobby and on a monitor in the Planetarium Lobby. On weekends, planetarium staff and volunteers set-up a special table with accompanying activities. Visitors explored activities that included gravitational lensing, wind, a matching game (with exhibit-related themes), a plasma ball and the set of tactile images from Here, There and Everywhere. Attendance figures show that 906 visitors were at the Museum on the weekend days when the activities were available.

At the New Children's Museum

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Here, There, and Everywhere at Wayne State University, Detroit MI

October 21, 2014

The main elements of the Here, There, and Everywhere (HTE) exhibit were installed in the atrium of the David Adamany Undergraduate library on Friday, September 5. The exhibit opened to the public on Monday, September 6 and remained in the atrium for three weeks until its removal on Friday, September 26. We estimate that, due to the high volume of fall-semester student traffic in the atrium, the main exhibit was viewed by about 55,000 library patrons during the three-week period.

Feedback was overall positive, with many high marks for interest and learning dimensions.

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Here, There & Everywhere: Science through Metaphor, Near and Far

August 22, 2014

Check out the most recent report on the Here, There & Everywhere project in the latest edition of the "Communicating Astronomy with the Public" journal. The article "Here, There & Everywhere: Science through Metaphor, Near and Far" by Kimberly Arcand & Megan Watzke can be downloaded as a free pdf. The piece describes the following:

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Here, There & Everywhere at the South Holland Public Library

August 8, 2014

Here, There & Everywhere was exhibited at the South Holland Public Library, IL from July 3 - 30, 2014 with over 600 visitors, and held in conjunction with the Summer Reading program. Eighty participants turned in answers to the weekly Scavenger Hunt science questions on the exhibit content. The library also exhibited Chandra's "Aesthetics & Astronomy" exhibit that includes additional & related astronomical objects to learn about. Several programs were held at the library to echo the themes in the exhibit including:
"Blowing in the Wind" for ages 7 - 9 (10 participants)
"Flashin', Zappin', Making things happen" on light and electricity for ages 9 - 12 (12 participants)
"Bridge Building", on engineering & architecture for ages 9 - 12 (11 participants)
"Eyes on the Sky" on constellations (14 participants)
Local Islamic school tour (12 participants)

-Meg Klinkow Hartmann | Library Director | South Holland, Illinois

picts Credit South Holland Public Library

Here, There & Everywhere at the South Holland Public Library

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HTE Visits Sioux City, Iowa for April 2014:

July 16, 2014

In conjunction with the Here, There, & Everywhere exhibit, North High School hosted 5 outside speakers/events to further the students’ understandings of the concepts in the exhibits. The events included:

Speaker: Theresa Weaver-Basye (Sioux City Public Museum)
Topic: Rockets (The Shape of Speed)
Synopsis: Students made rockets out of paper, then launched them with a launcher made from pvc pipes and a 2 liter bottle. After launching, we made adjustments for speed, then launched them again and checked the results.

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HTE & Science4girls during Women’s History Month

April 9, 2014

Here, There, and Everywhere ran from Mar. 5 –30, 2014 at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library in Huntsville, Alabama. Coordinated with NASA's "science4girls" program for Women's History month, HTE events included two programs led by women experts on the topics of physics and weather. Two more programs were hosted on astrophotography and NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory with other local experts. Youth services hosted Science club event for kids. Special programs hosted 83 visitors with thousands of participants in the exhibit overall.

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HTE Visits the Manatee County Public Library System

March 28, 2014

The Manatee County Public Library System hosted the Here, There and Everywhere exhibit for February 2014. The exhibit was open to the public at our Central Library in Bradenton, FL. We conducted about 30 programs county-wide at all of our locations, the farmer’s market and at the South Florida Museum. Programs included: using telescopes to look at the night sky, a simulated space mission, hands-on experiments using the activity kits from HTE, children’s storytimes based on stars and space, model rocket launches, astronomy lectures for adults, and Mad Science labs for kids. We had a great time turning the exhibit into a whole series of events for February, and we engaged over 1000 people with in-house and outreach programs! Our door count for the Central Library was 24,000, and a majority of visitors checked out the exhibit.

Ericka Dow, Librarian III, Adult Services Supervisor, Manatee County Public Library System

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HTE in January 2014

February 12, 2014

The Clearwater Valley High School Library & Grangeville High School Library in Idaho hosted the Here, There & Everywhere exhibit for January 2014. Specifically focusing on how physics relates to our everyday world, the hands-on activities were the biggest hit with students and adults. Elementary students were bussed to the high school and local private school students visited while high school student volunteers helped manage the hands-on stations. The exhibit was also open to the public during the evening. "It was extra work to manage such a large exhibit, but it was definitely worth it and it gave our students a different view of the high school libraries," said school district librarian, Lynn Johnson. "I was excited to see how our building librarians recruited students to help and encouraged community wide participation."

Credit: Clearwater Valley High School (Kooskia, Idaho).

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HTE Visits the Marshall Public Library (IL)

January 15, 2014

December 2013: We had a really nice response and gave tours to several school classes (entire grades!) and tonight a 4-H Club. Everyone who tours it was very impressed. Equally impressive are our local "tour guides". They really added a lot to the exhibit! It's been exciting to see people come to the library for this exhibit, since we normally do things more along the lines of history, art, or culture. I love it! And we've had some great press coverage as well. Events:

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HTE Travels to Aurora University Phillips Library

November 13, 2013

HTE Visits Aurora University, Phillips Library

Aurora University Phillips Library hosted the Here, There, and Everywhere exhibit for the month of October 2013. During that time, we had 38,523 people come into the library. Because of the placement of the exhibit, all of these people saw this exhibition. We had many students come through the exhibit, or stop and see the exhibition while taking a break from their studies. We also saw people from the surrounding community see the show as well, including children. We received phone calls and queries about the show.

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