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Different Flavor of Eclipse

November 6, 2013

Photographed by the Expedition 31 crew aboard the International Space Station and easily spotted at top center in this image is the gray shadow of the moon, cast on bright clouds of the northern Pacific Ocean, as the May 20 solar eclipse point tracked towards the Aleutian Islands and then on to northern California.
© Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. "The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth."

One of the most ubiquitous phenomena in the Universe is light being blocked. We see this on Earth all of the time in everyday situations in the form of the common shadow.

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Here, There, and Everywhere Hosted in Texas

September 11, 2013

Here, There and Everywhere (HTE) was recently displayed between August 1 and 28 at the Irving Central Library in Texas. Visitors learned how everyday experiences on Earth and across the universe are connected by the laws of physics. In conjunction with the exhibit, the Irving Central Library planned a robust series of programs for the month of August to help ignite students' interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) — just in time for the new school year.

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Auroras Abound

September 5, 2013

The aurora borealis (aka, “the Northern Lights”) are one of the most spectacular natural displays in the world. People travel thousands of miles to see them for themselves. But what if you could recreate the Northern Lights right where you are?


Researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia recently unveiled a device called Planeterrella that does just that. By combining all of the elements in the aurora borealis – including magnetic fields and charged particles – they’ve been able to bring this celestial display from the sky to the desktop. For more on their project, take a look at

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Springfield-Greene County Library District Hosts HTE Exhibit

July 10, 2013

The Springfield-Greene County Library District hosted the Here, There, and Everywhere (HTE) exhibit during the month of June 2013 at our Library Center. The panels were set up in the concourse, and main entrance of the library, and were viewed by more than 47,000 visitors.

To promote the exhibit, the Library Center hosted multiple activities and a series of programs that would appeal to all different age groups.

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Special Programs with the Westland Public Library

June 14, 2013

Westland Public Library

The Westland Public Library was happy to conduct four separate programs while the Here. There. Everywhere. exhibit was situated in our library (May 2013). We decided to aim the majority of the programs towards children and teens as the concepts and stunning photography included in the exhibit would likely create a lasting impression on this group.

Westland Public Library

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HTE Visits University of Puerto Rico

May 15, 2013

During the month of April 2013, the exhibit “Here, There and Everywhere” was displayed at the main library: “José M. Lázaro”, at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dr. Carmen A. Pantoja from the Department of Physics and Dr. Mayra Lebrón from the Department of Physical Sciences organized the events. The exhibit was promoted in the newspaper and on the radio. Ernesto Lucca, a student from the School of Communication (UPR) prepared an advertisement to promote the event on “Radio Universidad” (the UPR radio station) and by social media ( ). This promo has his voice, and the background piano music is by Ernesto also.

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Dark Lightning "Lights Up" The Sky

May 8, 2013

Generation of Dark Lightning
Credit: Studio Gohde

We all know that thunder can occur after lightning strikes, but did you know that something just as exciting happens before it does? Scientists have recently discovered the phenomenon they call "dark lightning." This burst of high-energy gamma rays happens just before the flash of ordinary lightning. And while they still aren't sure how, researchers think there's a connection between both flavors of lightning. Just last week, researchers from Norway announced new findings on dark lightning via this press release from the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

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HTE Visits Carmel High School Library and Planetarium

March 29, 2013

HTE visits Carmel, IN

For the month of March, Here, There, and Everywhere, was hosted at the Carmel High School Library & Planetarium in Indiana. Keith Turner, Planetarium Director, organized the HTE exhibit event as well as a special lecture for the NASA astro4girls Women's History month activities. Ann Lisa Varri, an astrophysicist at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, talked about Women in Astronomy at the HTE exhibit on March 23. Keith also sent along some photos of the presentation and activity demonstration. More information and local coverage is at:

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HTE visits Maryland in February

February 25, 2013

HTE Visits Maryland

Here, There, and Everywhere (HTE) moved to Maryland for the month of February. Kelley Perkins, New Carrollton Library Branch Manager, sent us a few photos of the HTE exhibit at her library in New Carrollton, Maryland.

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Here, There & Everywhere in Hawley, Pennsylvania

February 18, 2013

HTE visits Hawley, PA

The Here, There, and Everywhere (HTE) exhibit is currently residing at the Hawley Public Library in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Librarian Jean Kammer reports that the set up of the exhibit and activities went just fine. They are planning on bringing the large posters and activities to a local after school program on Tuesday January 22nd, and are planning to work with the intermediate and middle schools to bring the exhibit to them as well.

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Neon Signs and Shooting Stars

February 17, 2013

Image Credit: Babak Tafreshi

Phil Plait, aka, "The Bad Astronomer," is an excellent blogger. One of the many reasons we think Phil is great is that he might like making connections as much as we do. Take this recent post on "shooting stars." (We put those words in quotes because the term is incredibly misleading – there are no stars involved at all.) In this post, he discusses the trails left behind the small pieces of debris that enter the Earth's atmosphere and create these events. He notes that although it might seem like shooting stars are burning up, they actually glow because of gases being ionized and then electrons recombining with the atoms. This process causes them to emit like, just like a neon sign. This is an excellent Here, There, and Everywhere comparison if we've ever heard one.

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Sonic Boom Across Russia

February 15, 2013

Meteor over Russia
Image Credit: Russian Emergency Ministry

This news from Russia this morning is rather sobering. Here's a report from the Washington Post:

A meteor broke up in the sky Friday morning over the Ural Mountain city of Chelyabinsk, and the shock wave from the explosion smashed windows, collapsed roofs and injured more than 900 people.

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