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At the New Children's Museum

November 3, 2014

The Here, There and Everywhere exhibition was on display at The New Children’s Museum in West Hartford, Connecticut from October 4-26, 2014. The graphic panels were set up in the Museum’s Main Lobby, in a hallway near Critter Crossing (toddler space), in the Traveler’s Science Dome/Gengras Planetarium Lobby and in the Engineering Discovery Zone. According to our attendance records, 1,634 people visited the New Children’s Museum during the exhibition.

The Here, There and Everywhere exhibition trailer was played on a monitor in the Main Lobby and on a monitor in the Planetarium Lobby. On weekends, planetarium staff and volunteers set-up a special table with accompanying activities. Visitors explored activities that included gravitational lensing, wind, a matching game (with exhibit-related themes), a plasma ball and the set of tactile images from Here, There and Everywhere. Attendance figures show that 906 visitors were at the Museum on the weekend days when the activities were available.

At the New Children's Museum

At the New Children's Museum

At the New Children's Museum
Credit: The New Children's Museum

Noreen Grice, Manager
Travelers Science Dome Planetarium
The New Children's Museum

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