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HTE Visits Sioux City, Iowa for April 2014:

July 16, 2014

In conjunction with the Here, There, & Everywhere exhibit, North High School hosted 5 outside speakers/events to further the students’ understandings of the concepts in the exhibits. The events included:

Speaker: Theresa Weaver-Basye (Sioux City Public Museum)
Topic: Rockets (The Shape of Speed)
Synopsis: Students made rockets out of paper, then launched them with a launcher made from pvc pipes and a 2 liter bottle. After launching, we made adjustments for speed, then launched them again and checked the results.

Speaker Officer Lynn Olesen
Topic: Accident Investigation
Synopsis: Students watched an officer put down a skid mark, measure it and figure out how fast he was driving to create it. Officer Olsen also shared other accident investigation information.

Speaker: Jordan Menning
Topic: Building Wind Turbines
Synopsis: Students designed a functional wind turbine based on their knowledge of wind energy and created a wind turbine of their own and tested its performance.

Speaker: Mr. Lenz's PLTW students
Topic: Building Engines that Create Electricity
Synopsis: Our own Project Lead the Way students shared the theory behind how engines/machines produce energy and then mentored teams to build the most efficient machine.

Speakers: Dr. Todd Young and Dr. Adam Davis (Wayne State College, Fred G. Dale Planetarium in Wayne, NE)
Topic: Everyday Physics

North High School Learning Commons Sioux City, Iowa

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