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HTE Resource Request Form


These materials are available to educators (formal and informal) and amateur astronomy societies for use with their organizations. We cannot fill requests for personal use. On the request form, you must clearly indicate the full name (no abbreviations or acronymns) of the educational institution, museum, planetarium or other educational or amateur astronomy organization for which these materials are being requested, and state your position in it. Email & phone numbers are not required, but if the fields are left empty and there are questions on the request (eg., an unclear institution), it can not be filled.


Our shipping department requires a minimum of two (2) weeks for domestic and one (1) month for international to process your order. Requests that do not comply with these parameters will be rejected and the requestor will be required to submit a new request with an amended date needed by. Thank you for understanding!


If your program would like to receive some of these resources, please submit the following information:


If you have trouble submitting an EPO Resources request, please contact us at


Important Note: Due to limited amounts of the free materials, we cannot fulfill requests for more than 10 copies of any single item.


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