Hanging with HTE in Virginia

The Here, There, & Everywhere (HTE) exhibit is currently set up between two science buildings, Reed Hall and Curie Hall, at Radford Univerisity (RU) in Virginia. Organizer Rhett Herman, director of the Radford University Planetarium writes:

HTE at Radford U

Image Credit: Radford U.

This photo is from a group of 120 6th graders and their teachers from a nearby middle school. They were here for a Science Day (http://www.radford.edu/sciencedays/) but they got more than they bargained for when they scheduled that Science Day over a year ago. We had the HTE activities set up on tables and display cases in the hallway, just across from the exhibit. RU physics students were on deck with the hands on activities and we all had a blast. The visiting group hit the display in groups of about 24.

HTE at Radford U.

Image Credit: Radford U.

The second picture shows things a bit more closely. The expression on the girl in the foreground was typical of the kids as they were with the hands on activities. You can see our students with the Radford-red “RU Science Day” shirts interacting with the visiting 6th graders. You might be able to tell from our student JP’s expression (in the red t-shirt) that our physics students also liked using the hands-on equipment.

All in all, it was a day of beautiful chaos. This was only half of the school’s 6th grade. The other half will be here on November 29. We have 5 more large groups scheduled between now and then.

-Rhett Herman, Radford University

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